Stronger Families

Our parent organization, Stronger Families, has a mission to "bring life-changing skills to marriages and families so they can be strong and thrive."  They accomplish this mission through a variety of efforts:

Relationship Education

Oxygen for Your Relationships is a marriage-saving program that brings these two vital elements to a couple. Our desire is to stem the tide of destructive relationships and develop an environment where children can flourish.

Leadership Development

Built into the Oxygen for Your Relationships program is a facilitator led model. Our facilitators are vital to reaching and teaching more couples. Once trained, facilitators lead their own seminars, and offer mentorship to couples.

Community Engagement

Collaborating with key partners helps keep costs down and impact up as we expand our program to more couples. Strategic partners include community service organizations, select military installations, and local churches.

This Website supplements live teaching and mentorship with an on-demand virtual learning platform. Couples have personal, customized support whenever and wherever they need it.

Strengthening Families for Over 20 Years

We at Stronger Families have a vision of thriving families and children. Thousands of families are flourishing thanks to Stronger Families’ marriage-reviving, family-strengthening Oxygen for Your Relationships program.

That’s why for two decades we have been addressing the root issues of marriage and family decay. In that time, we have learned that couples are most likely to succeed when they have relationship training and support. Without these two resources, their marriages and families are at greater risk of breaking apart.

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